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New Products

New Products

New Products


Main unit of iB-Cyclone

iB Cyclone Water Separator
In addition to the many standard air prep products offered by Koganei UK, the Koganei IB-Cyclone water removal system features; maintenance free operation due to the absence of a filter element that in other water removal devices requires periodic replacement. 
The Koganei iB-Cyclone uses a high-speed cyclonic system to maintain water separation performance even when the flow rate is increased.
Available in three body sizes and ports ranging from RC 1/8 to RC 1/2 optional auto drains in normally open or normally closed are offered.

Click here for iB-Cyclone water Seperator PDF

Koganei iB-Cyclone Koganei Filter Regulator
Ionizers Mini Guide Sliders
Vacuum Micro Ejector Koganei Wide Fan Ionizer
K series Koganei Cyclone

Koganei Surface Potential Meter

Basic Cylinders / BC Cylinder Series

New compact direct mounting cylinder
-Basic Cylinders / BC Cylinder Series-

Light weight & Compact

The BC Cylinder will be best choice for space saving.
For the biggest feature of the BC Cylinder, we have been successful in reducing 40% of the cylinder mass.
If you take a look at the data above, it is obvious how compact the BC Cylinder is designed compared to our existing model YMDA.
The compact size is also advantageous throughout the industry. If you have problems mounting cylinders in small spaces, please try the BC cylinder.

Wide size & option variety.

Bore sizes starting from 6mm to 125mm are available for the BC Cylinder.
This is the widest size variation among the industry, available for one cylinder series.
For options, double acting type, single acting push type, single acting pull type, double rod end, and cylinders with guides (bellow) are available as well.

Direct mounting

The BC cylinder supports easy model selection and mounting.
Direct mounting for the BC Cylinder is available from 2 directions (shown above)
This flexible mounting option will make your designing and mounting processes much easier.

Excellent basic performance
1.Excellent low speed operation

2.Excellent durability

Two-color LED sensor switch

H1 grease compatible as standard
NSF H1 grade grease is used for the standard BC Cylinders. This enables the series to be used for food process equipments, and applications for related industries.
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